Epilepsy In Texas
Epilepsy In Texas


The recent passage of Texas SB339 has left some groups elated and others scratching their heads.

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CBD Texas intends to provide a clear, balanced analysis of this new law along with educational information intended for the lay person.  Legaleze and medical terms will be kept to a minimum, we promise.

Roadmap to SuccessAt the end of the day, any useful legislation provides a road map to success.

So much more is required than simply defining a particular problem or outlining a potential solution.  It also means providing the tools to measure, analyze and calculate possible outcomes, varied as they most assuredly will be.  We’ll put Texas SB339 to the test and gauge how well it meets these requirements as it attempts to address a problem as critical as Epilepsy.

green_man_peopleWe just don’t know what we don’t know and the human body is still one big black box full of mysteries and unanswered questions.  We might be able to map the human genome but we still don’t know a whole heck of a lot about proteins.  And yes, scientists are able to amass huge amounts of data, but just because you hold a dictionary in your hands with a million words doesn’t mean you can knock out War and Peace.  The good news is that we’re inching closer day by day and with a little bit of luck some of these mysteries might not seem so mysterious tomorrow.


texas_state_sealThe entire wording of Texas SB339 is available here for download, but contains several key points:


  • Three companies will be licensed to grow and distribute low-THC medicine to patients with Epilepsy in Texas
  • The medicine can contain no more than 0.5% THC (0.005)
  • Doctors wishing to participate will be required to undergo training to be licensed
  • Patients wishing to participate will be required to visit a licensed doctor

The Texas law is similar to those in several other states and is referred to in the industry as a CBD Only Law.  These types of laws differ from Medical Marijuana laws in that they limit the amount of THC allowed in medicine.  In this case that limit is 0.5%.

A better name for these types of laws would be Low THC Laws as they govern THC percentages much more than they address CBD.  The confusion is just beginning.

medical_cannabis_logoPreconceptions, terminology, misinformation and poorly named laws all contribute to a vast state of confusion surrounding the entire issue of cannabis as medicine.  We’ll address each one of these problems in other areas of this site, but if there is one big takeaway to understand it is this: Only a small percentage of people really know what they’re talking about when it comes to CBD.

But not to worry, we’ll get you in the ballpark in short order.


Texas SB339 is a CBD Only Law, better called a Low THC Law

The CBD medicine can contain no more than 0.5% THC

Three companies will be licensed to grow and distribute the CBD

Doctors and patients alike will be required to enroll in a new system